Our pupils will be reporting on the forthcoming news on this page.


Loreto Convent will be using video with a virtual backdrop to create newscasts.  A newscast demonstrates pupil’s learning in an effective and engaging way.  The pupils will be videoed in front of the green screen in which they can choose their own background.  The children will be filming on-location where possible, however the green screen will be used to create that authentic on-location look.  All year 6 pupils will have completed a Journalism and Media Studies topic where they will have used, learnt and understood the 5 elements before potentially being invited to shoot this BBC School Report:

  • research
  • script
  • images to incorporate in broadcast
  • green screen editing
  • movie editing.

Pupils can be seen below testing the green screen technology in their newly designed production studio. Loreto is the only school in Gibraltar and one of three schools in Europe reporting.  Take a look at the map for more information.


LCG NewsBBS-School-Report-map

BBC School Report 2018

Our 2018 BBC School Reporting team has been announced. The successful pupils who will take part are; Martha Taylor, Tiana Cartwright, Lucia Wilson, Lewis Ghio, Miles Hamilton and Pabloa Agnew.

BBC School Report 2017

The content below was produced by the pupils selected to participate in the BBC School Report for 2017.  New content will be published above here for 2018 in March.
This week is BBC School Report week.  The Loreto School News Team are ready to have their first editorial meeting.

The news reports taking place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March 2017 will appear below.


BBS-School-Report-Debenhams-Gibraltar BBS-School-Report-Golf


Meet the team
JJ wrote…

“I have gained so much confidence during this time. It was an amazing experience and one of the best things I have done I would love to do it again now I am not scared to talk out loud. Thank you very much for the opportunity and would like to do it again.  Thank you to Mrs Napoli and Mr Devincenzi-Clemens”

Hannah wrote…

The BBC School Report has been such an experience and I have gained so much confidence. I thank Mrs Napoli and Mr Devincenzi-Clemens for making this happen. I would love to do this again!

Nicole wrote….

“The BBC School Report was an amazing experience. I am now much more confident. I had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who organised it and took part.”

Charlie wrote…

“I found this project amazing we got to go and see really cool and new things like the suspension bridge and the World Trade Centre. Thank you Mr Devincenzi-Clemens for selecting me. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

Sebastian and Lucia wrote….

“The BBC School Report was amazing and really fun we are both grateful to Mr Devincenzi-Clemens and Mrs Napoli for the hard work, time and effort. We also thank the Chief Minister and Mr Canessa for allowing us to have a splendid interview with the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, Nick Russo and Sebastian.”

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