Tiny Tums meals are freshly prepared, nutritious lunches designed purposefully with toddlers in mind. Our meals are certified by a nutritionist to ensure Tiny Tums are receiving the right balance of nutrients in their daily lunches. Tiny Tums for the past two years have offered daily lunches to nurseries within Gibraltar and currently deliver directly to each nursery using al hot trays just before lunch time.
Meals are freshly prepared from scratch each morning, adhering to strict food and safety hygiene regulations and then delivered to each nursery. Menus are tailor-made to meet children’s needs so they can focus on being physically and mentally at their best!
Tiny Tums plan, cook and deliver meals which tick all the right boxes and most importantly educate children to make healthier choices.

Our menu is certified by a nutritionist to ensure each week all the food groups are incorporated within the meal plan using seasonal produce. Tiny Tums have already tried and tested the example menu on nurseries and individuals at home, which means we have already done the market research prior to this presentation in order to know which meals work and which are not as well received. The aim is to create a menu that follows the health guidelines but also, makes it appealing for children to want to eat the meals.

Our meals will include:
Lunch Portion per child – Providing a daily Menu to include a vegetarian option.
Dessert per child

In summary:

Our menus will have one option per day including the No Meat menu on Fridays.
Our Vegetarian options will be adaptations of the main meal i.e. Chicken Curry; Vegan Chicken Curry.
Dietaries and Allergies will be taken into consideration as an additional option (again an adaptation of
the main meal – Lactose-free Chicken Curry). As long as the Catering Manager in charge is informed
beforehand, the meals will be prepared (separately) to the daily menus which include Gluten Free,
Lactose-Free, and Egg Free and we are flexible with catering for other allergies.
All our meals are nut-free and chicken is halal, and will not contain seafood or pork.
Desserts will be varied and will offer fruit and dairy options.
Meals are sourced using seasonal fresh produce.
Each plate is well well balanced and certified by a nutritionist.

Our aim – For ALL children to have a chance of a healthy start …. (even the pickier eaters!)

View our Menu as a PDF here.

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