In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus says to his disciples:- “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”.

Have a look at the activity suggested – WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? Please send me your ideas for a bracelet/bookmark – or anything else you think would be suitable.

Loreto Runners

Some of Loreto’s pupils have been letting their legs do the talking during lockdown. Amelia and Charlotte Brownhill (Year 3) along with some other Loreto pupils from their estate Hugo Lawrence (Year 4), Lucas Lawrence (Year 1), Leo Elborn (Year 5) and Savannah Elborn (Year 3) all ran a mile in order to raise money…



As we see less road vehicles, airplanes, boats, trains, factories emitting fumes we are witnessing a reduction in air pollution across the world.  Our #TRAFFICFREETUESDAYS walk to school might have been stopped for now, however you could still do the walk in your home.  Each day walk a simple 2 miles to replicate the walk…