Dear Parents,

Your child has shown an interest in participating in this year’s School Gardening club taking home a copy of the letter as outlined below.

I would like to inform you of our mission. Educating children about the origins of our food is important, hence our ‘Plant to Plate’ tagline. We aim to help children understand that their food is not grown in the supermarkets, but by our dedicated farmers. The children will grow, nurture and harvest the produce they grow and then prepare and cook it.
For this reason, I am offering parents the opportunity to support their child by participating with them in this club.
Of course, we will also be looking to grow a range of flowers and plants to help improve the aesthetics of the school site. Our overall aim is to educate, albeit with a self-sufficient ethos in mind. We will once again use as much of the ingredients we grow in the garden to cook with at school or at home. We will be manufacturing planters, seats and other items for the school garden to enhance the children’s Art, Design and Technology knowledge.
The club will meet on a Tuesday after school, from 15:45 – 17:15. All children will leave via the lower gate and depart the school site as indicated on the . There will be an annual £15.00 membership fee which will be used to purchase the seeds, materials and ingredients that we will require over the year. It is compulsory for suitably old clothing to be worn along with the Gardening Club polo-shirt, available at £20.00. Please make all payments through the school office with envelopes marked ‘Gardening Club’.

Please complete a short enrolment form on the homepage of our school website.  This form is to be submitted online by Friday 20th September, I will then invite your child to commence Gardening Club on Tuesday 24th September, at 15:45 in the School Garden.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr David Devincenzi-Clemens