Academic House Points – Last 2 week count





Head of House

Mrs Vermeulen

Head of House

Mrs Pitto

Head of House

Miss Caruana

Head of House

Miss Gmiterek

Academic House Captains
Liberty Howse & Anna Ramirez

Sports House Captains
Reuben Carruthers &
Sofia Simpson

Vice Sports Captain

Arthur FarringtonHouse Prefects
Jay Morillo, Dexter Murphy,
Evelyn Snatchfold &
Charlotte Triay
Academic House Captains
Marie Huber & Emily Peat

Sports House Captains
Valentina Bassadone &
Matthew Ghio

Vice Sports Captain
Joe Garcia Orellana
House Prefects
Amatallah Adjour, Paul Borge, William Shacaluga, Jeevan Taylor & Lucas Hernandez

Academic House Captains
Maria Diaz Mateos & Telma Santamaria Rocha

Sports House Captains
Amber Weir & Jacobo Hernandez Corocoles

Vice Sports Captain
Ben Lejeune

House Prefects
Marco Bossino, Daniel Cruz Ruiz, Ines Rawley,
Matilda Wilson, Nina Dittmair-Werkmann &
Ella Dittmair-Werkmann

Academic House Captains
Hermione Hogg & Shivana Gulraj

Sports House Captains
Hugo Lawrence & Jake Jacobson

Vice Sports Captain

Alexia Loddo Grech

House Prefects
Gilda Alsina, Alejandro Agnew,
Zac O’Hagan Ishaan Samtani & Noa Elkin

Sports House Points – Autumn Term





Each pupil from Year 3 to Year 6 is a member of one of four houses:

St Anne's House Colour Green
St Joan's House Colour Red
St Catherine's House Colour Blue
St Philomena's House Colour Yellow

Pupils are encouraged to work together for House events, giving older pupils the opportunity to lead.  This helps to create a feeling of community and fosters friendly competition.  Our prefects have key roles and work closely with staff.  Each term pupils will participate in one academic and one sports house event, here points will count towards the end of year house totals.

Lenten Photography Competition 2022

We had an over whelming number of entries for our first photography competition.  Pupils were asked to take a photograph, writing about how this portrays their house theme or Freedom, Joy, Trust or Sincerity.

Here are our lucky winners, well done!